Shhhhhh (be my pen pal)


I like quiet people. Didn’t think I would because I’m quiet too, and what conversation do you get between two quiet people? Not a lot, right? But, funny story. There was this girl who was quiet, and I was drawn to her. Obviously not by her noise, she didn’t make much. But when someone doesn’t talk a lot, you notice more about them. I was drawn in by her facial expressions, she seemed to talk more with her face muscles than her voice. I couldn’t help but be curious about her body language, (what is she thinking?) And the short questions she asked that in hindsight said so much. It’s like when you analyse a paragraph to death in English class, except analysing her was fun, natural.

Sometimes it felt like we were communicating on purpose via silence (of which there are many types, just so you know); heck, it felt like we were conmunicating by telepathy. And it was wonderful.

The point is, I’m quiet and I want a pen pal.

I could list my ‘stats’ here, hobbies, interests, TV shows etc. We can defo talk about that later. But what interests me more is your personality, i.e. how you think, what you think about, how you react to things. Hence why I begun not with likes and dislikes but a ramble.

The only thing I ask for in a pen pal is that you want someone to write to as much as I want someone to write to, which is a lot. If that’s you, tell me so, and feel free to ramble.

I’m in my mid twenties and I live in a house in the UK. 

Contact: deadpanpenpal @ 

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