Hi, be my friend?


Hello! Or more appropriately: g’day m8!

My name is Janine from the land down under; Starya, most deadly place on earth or Australia as you might call it.

I am 24 and work in Social Media, which is quite an interesting job…I would be happy to share the fun and wacky scenarios that I deal with on a daily basis 🙂

I love reading and Netflix and most things fantasy and sci-fi 🙂 I am into video games and stalking deviant art and looking at the pretty art! I am a Disney nut, whose inner child still knows all the lyrics to the classic songs! I may have a slight sarcasm problem but, I am working on it…totally!

I am trying, trying to relearn Japanese and Spanish and have some Russian going on the side 🙂

I also love a good chat about anything really. Come at me with conspiracy theories, historical facts or memes or even just how your day was. Or even a philosophy debate 🙂

I am not the biggest fan of racism or homophobia, and while I respect that some people have different opinions I would prefer to talk to people that are willing to open their mind and heart to others.

Um, I guess from this I would like to gain some new friends? I would prefer emailing but am open to snail mail as well. Country of origin doesn’t matter to me, long as you can handle my writing :p I am also open to whatsapp texts and tumblr exchanges. Age I would prefer over 20 and gender doesn’t matter, 🙂

If I sound like your kind of pal, don’t hesitate to say hi 🙂

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