Name: Sammie
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Interests & Hobbies: I’m in college for nursing, hoping to specialize in pediatrics(: so it’s safe to say I have a huge interest in anything medical! I love reading, and I enjoy being introduced to new authors and genres. I love art, and though I’m not good at it, I enjoy painting and calligraphy(: music is a huge part of my life, I have way to many favorite bands to list, but it ranges from 5 seconds of summer( I actually really love them) to five finger death punch. I love 80s rock with a heated passion, and the 90s were okay lol. I also play wow, I’m honestly not that great but it’s fun(: I love YouTube and some of my favorites are H3H3, filthyfrank, maxmoefoe, and idubbbz. I also like kian and Jc but that’s more nostalgia than actual enjoyment?
Life goals: I want to finish college and travel. Number one dream destination is Tokyo for sure.
Languages: English, but would really love someone to teach me more!(:
Dislikes: I don’t have many dislikes, other than the obvious like trump and all that jazz.
What I wish for in a pen pal: someone who is fun and is willing to talk as much as possible! I LOVE snail mail! I would also love to meet as many people as possible from as many places as possible!
How to contact me: my tumblr, or you can email me at

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