Heyo! My name is Danielle and I am 20 years old, turning 21 December. I’m from Jamaica and I am currently studying Actuarial Science. This should be my third and last year but likely won’t.

My main interests are reading and Mathematics. I mostly read fiction novels and fanfics though I will read anything that catches my eye. I love any song with a rocking beat but my all time loves are Soca and Alternative Rock.

Also, I love languages. Right now, I’m learning French and I plan to pick up Spanish eventually. You would think I would have a relatively good grasp on French and Spanish since I’ve been doing them since I was a toddler and still here I am struggling XD XD

Some day I wanna travel the world but I am so broke T.T

I would love friends to send letters to and little knick knacks if possible. I would prefer someone in my age group but all are welcome regardless of sexuality, religion, gender and whatnot.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to any replies. ^v^


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