Are you a fan of looking at pictures of dogs? Outdated memes? Sad attempts at art? Weeeelllll you’ve come to the right place!

Hi, I’m Megan, I’m 17, and I’ve been a piece of trash my whole life! I live in the actual goblin infested state of New Jersey, US. That being said, I love writing letters and would love to send you trash (art) in the mail!

My interests include but are not limited to the following, in list form for your convenience:

  • Music: your average array of emo bands (MCR, panic, top, the cab, the killers, fob, all kinds of angst), queen, all kinds of 60’s and 70’s music, the entire high school musical soundtrack, and a variety of other terrible tastes as long as they aren’t country.
  • Musicals: Actually 97 percent of my music taste (I’ll send you playbills provided you tolerate me). I love most musicals provided they aren’t cats.
  • Books: fantasy! YA! Cambell’s alphabet soup! I read most things! Harry potter and Percy Jackson, infernal devices, cinder, etcetera
  • Other things I love: dogs, art, daily crisis’s, snail mail, how I met your mother, Disney movies, dogs

Anyway, if you’re sold by my mediocre personality or average interests, you can contact me at
megan9107  @ yahoo   .com
 or my tumblr, 

I’d love to hear from you!!

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