hi i’m Krissy i’m 18 and from the netherlands.

i’m not looking for anything romantic as i’m already in a relationship. I’m looking for some lgtb friends no matter what age/gender etc.
I believe it’s possible to start some amazing friendships on the internet as this picture was taken by my long distance best friend whom I met on the internet a year prior.

some things about me:
’m a big fan of movies, I’m also subscribed to the cinema. I watch some shows and I like comedy tv shows. I enjoy music of all genres really, but my fav genres are doo wop 50s, 70s disco and 80s pop. I actively practice languages every day as I love them very much, I’m kinda nerdy about them and I would love to be fluent in more. Some other things I enjoy are riding my bike, travelling, learning about other cultures, going for walks. ? hope to hear from you!

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