Hello people!!

My name is Magda, I’m 17 and I live in a really boring but somehow still fascinating part of England. I’ve looked for internet friends many times, but right now I’m specifically searching for penpals that would be interested in snail mail.

I’m not the most artistic person (or maybe I am, but I don’t have many chances to showcase my inner Picasso) so I’d love to try snail mail out, and hopefully start sending cute packages or letters soon.

I have no specific preferences, but someone over 16 would be fab. All countries/genders/cultures very welcome! I’d love love love to send letters to someone from New York (!!!) however any countries other than England are chill.

A bit about me; I’m super chill and can vibe with pretty much anyone, as long as you’re not narrow-minded. I love chilling to Drake, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller etc. however I also love other genres and would love for us to make playlists/mixtapes for each other or recommend songs/artists. I like going on spontaneous adventures and doing kinda stupid, reckless shite because it’s a laugh. I’m not toooo irresponsible though (maybe?) I don’t think I have any specific hobbies, which sucks. I’m not great at languages, or have a talent for playing musical instruments. I’m not a keen hiker or a semi-professional tennis player. But I am just a very chill 17 year old girl from Yorkshire who is looking for new friends (because all of my current ones seem to prefer spending time with their boyfriends #singlelife).

So anyway, please please hit me up!! Tumblr- chillfulx    Email- md.lena00@gmail.com

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