Hey! ^^
My name is Ina (optionaly Yumi) and I’m a 18 years old ace-lesbian from Germany.
(Sorry if my english sucks, I’m still working on it… .___.)

I’m searching for someone who is okay with me being a living trash can and who is maybe in for a relationship.
I would prefer if you’re between like 16-18, and live somewhere around Germany, like the Netherlands, the UK, Austria, France, etc. …

I love to draw, what often ends in gay smut… but anyways. And I’m in my training as a designer at the moment, aiming for studying illustration afterwards. That basically means that I’m likely to stop in the middle of a conversation to rant about how bad a advertising I just saw, is designed… I apologize in advance :’D
I’m also fandom-trash… and not just in one or two fandoms, I get trash for literally everything. But hey, that means if you get me to like something you’re in love with, I’ll definitely will fangirl with you about it forever and send you a ton a stupid memes about it! <3
The fandoms I currently in are Eddsworld, South Park, Dan and Phil, and I’m kinda falling back into the Undertale and Harry Potter fandom… pls send help ,____,
And I’m a geek… I spend way too many hours playing video games. I love good story games and everything with an amazing soundtrack. And really dumb dating sims… doesn’t everybody have their guilty pleasures?
On the topic of music I’m mostly into rock, metal, and game/film soundtracks. But I actually listen to a bit of nearly everything and am open for new stuff. ^^

My humor is as black as my soul, so you’re better be okay with that… or you’ll hate me within seconds. :’D
That especially include jokes about depression, mental illnesses in general and suicide – not because I think it’s a funny topic, but because me and my friends can relate to these topics on so many levels, that we’re at the point were we’re just keep joking about it.

As you can probably read out of this, I’m sick! I have an anxiety-disorder, depression, and other things… so basically, I’m kinda bad at everything. It can happen that I won’t answer you in days, because I feel annoying. Or you’ll wake up to a wall of text about how special you are! I’m sorry… I can be clingy af .____.
But at least I’m able to spend hours next to you, having deep-talk or just watching the night sky in silence, without having any awkward silence. That is at least something, isn’t it!? :c

So, yeah… I know I should probably present myself in a more flattering angle to get people to talk to me, but I believe you should know what kind of trash you may start talking to.

If you somehow still want to talk to me, here are my social medias:
tumblr: yumiomiru / yumiomiru-art
twitter: @Yumiomiru
instagram: @yumiomiru

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