hi i’m bonnie ! i’m 21 years old, i’m in mn, usa and i’m agender (i use only they/them pronouns!) .

i’ve had penpals in the past and really enjoyed them, and still have a few i keep up with now ! in the last month of my summer break, i would love to form some solid friendships over email or chat, plus maybe get a few more snail mail friends! 

likes: writing, scary movies, witchcraft, tarot cards, going on outdoor wanderings, cute things, making meaningful connections

dislikes: bigots of all kinds (racists, sexists, transphobes, homophobes, aphobes, etc etc), loud sounds, big groups, sports …

my email is mxdogoodstea @ gmail . com 
my main blog is
you’re free to message me at either location and i’d love to get to know you ! 

{important : i am comfortable with folks of all genders and ages, but i am wary talking to minors because i am an adult ! please be aware of this before you message me ! also, don’t contact me if you’re going to flirt/look for a romantic relationship – i’m happily taken!}

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