Greetings from Ukraine! I’m Sveta, and I’m 31. 

Here I can see mostly people from 14 to 25. Perhaps that’s because those who are older are supposed to be busy with their families, jobs and houses, not penpals) . And I am busy) 

I’m happily married with two nice children.  But I’d like to find a friend, “a companion in a train” . Perhaps you have suffered the same thing: when you can’t share all your thoughts even with a close friend or the dearest person, but do it freely with a stranger? That’s it. If you are looking for a person to chat freely about everything- here am I 🙂 I adore music, books, sport, gardening and cooking. I am crazy about psychology, about digging in my head and heads of others) 

Snail mail is closer to my heart , but e-mail is also possible liberseta@gmail.com 

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