Hi! Dia duit! My name is Sophie, I’m 18 and I’m from Dublin Ireland. I would love to get to know new people, around my own age, from anywhere outside of Ireland! 

I only speak English and a very small bit of french (apologies). I’m looking for a snail-mail pen pal to send letters and pressed flowers and tea to. I’d love to talk about big and small things and foster a real relationship!


  • ancient history (greek and roman) 
  • poetry (writing and reading) 
  • my cat 
  • reading 
  • fountain pens 
  • the good wife 
  • hip hop and indie music


  • late people
  • hateful people 
  • clubs 
  • chai lattes 
  • the concept of iced lattes as despite being very tasty are complete extortion and a money making plan  (ask me about this over a letter)

Anyway, my email is sophietie @ live . com
or you can message me

have a lovely day!

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