Hi everyone! I’m Valeria, you can also call me Vale, I’m 18 years old and I come from Italy

When I know a person, at first I’m a bit shy, but when I become friends with a certain person I turn into a very nice chatterbox, at times crazy, but fun to be around. I’m also an openminded person because I’m interested in knowing cultures and traditions of different places and in learning languages (maybe you can teach me your language and I can do the same).I study tourism hoping to be able to visit the world one day.

  • I love listening to every kind of music. I love Melanie Martinez, One Republic, All Time Low, Marilyn Manson, Ed Sheeran, Paramore, Linkin Park, Panic! At the disco, Sean Paul, 5 Second of Summer, Got 7,BTS…there too many to list XD
  • I also like reading every kind of book: thriller, fan fictions, sy -fi, romantic, adventure…
  • I’m also a series addicted. I love Arrow, Flash, Game of Thrones, Reign,Sherlock, Chicago Fire,Chicago PD,NCIS,13 reasons why,…
  • I love watching films of every genre, but my favs are:Fast & Furious, Marvel and DC because I have a crush on Joker.

I would like to get to know new people so if you’re reading this just contact me, I don’t mind not having the same interests. We could send us snail mail, letters, postacards and why not packages/box.


email: valequeen99 @ gmail. com
Tumblr:  queenvale99.tumblr.com/

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