Hey guys,

I’m Kate, 21, from Germany. I’ve tried this pen pal thing a few times now and have found so many great friends from all around the world that I would love to give it another shot. So, my mother tongue is German, as I was born and still live in Germany but I do speak English as well and a bit of Spanish and French. Right now I’m in college but hope to graduate within the next year so that I can move abroad and work there. My hobbies include reading, learning new things, (gardening and studying herbs right now 😀 ) and going out with friends to a local pub or just go on a hike. My favourite music is heavy metal and rock music and I listen to a variety of different bands. So it’s safe to say I went to the dark side and there’s no going back 😀 A couple of days ago I found out about wicca and all things witchy and it kinda really interests me so if there’s anyone out there who also likes things like heavy metal music, witchy things etc please feel free to contact me!

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