Hi! My name is Katie, I recently graduated high school and am about to turn 18. I’m an open minded person, I love helping others with their problems and letting them rant to me. I’m honestly the “mom friend” and I’m fine with it. I listen to music majority of the time which consists of latino, classic rock, and classical. I rarely listen to pop? I watch a few different shows on Netflix, I looove Disney movies, comedies, and horror. I’m a sarcastic, chill, antisocial girl. I also have depression and generalized anxiety, so if you need someone to vent to I’m here.

If you won’t/don’t: enjoy sarcasm, too judgemental, leave people on open, or anything else don’t message me.

Instagram: sikeitskt
Snapchat: katiedesantiago
Tumblr: brb-tweeting

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