hello there!

my name is Jascinta, i’m seventeen this year and i’m from Malaysia! i’ve always wanted a pen-pal; i absolutely love the idea of it, receiving handwritten letters and cute doodles or mix tapes of one’s favourite music, or anything at all, honestly. it could be letters or even e-mails, either would be great.

here’s a little about myself; i’m easily fascinated by many things, and i’ve got so many things i love to do that they can’t be counted on two hands. i love singing, dancing, reading all kinds of books ranging from thriller to romance to fictional science, listening to all kinds of music ranging from classical to orchestral to edm and i enjoy doing artsy things like calligraphy and painting! 

i love traveling and taking photos, and having deep and intellectual conversations as much as i love funny and goofy conversations. i want to explore the world one day and fill myself with knowledge of the various cultures around the world and just embrace the diversity in this small world of ours.

i love being adventurous but i also love winding down after a long day to some silence and peace. i’m open minded about absolutely everything so honestly? feel free to talk to me about anything at all, i’d love to hear about your day or any of your deeper thoughts.

anyway, that’s one part of me so if you feel like you’d like to know me better or be my pen-pal, feel free to message me! ‘till then, take care!

email: jascintaleong@gmail.com

tumblr: i–nfinite.tumblr.com

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