hi there! my name is amanda, i currently live in the united states and i am 20 years old. i’m currently working on my undergrad at a university and am currently a junior there and soon will be a registered nurse! i have an immense love for old people and currently take care of them as a nursing assistant. 

i love reading, talking about books, and sharing books with people so i’d definitely love to share my favorite books at the time with someone else! i’m looking for a long-term snail mail buddy (preferably) but would consider emailing as well. 

i want to listen to your story and who you are and what made you who you are today. 

some of my likes: 

  • DOGGGSS, i have a puppy and she is my world
  • poems/poetry!!!
  • books
  • harry potter 
  • video games
  • traveling the world
  • nature
  • colorful things

some of my dislikes:

  • trump
  • homophobic people

you can contact me on my tumblr,
or email me at { amanda.kozielec @ gmail . com }

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