Lonely potato needs HELP


I’ve done this so many times before but didn’t meet any one who I could be friends with. So I’m doing this again, and hopefully I will find a good friend this time. This is going to be kinda lengthy and I’m gonna be very real with you.

Name : I’ll tell you when you text me

: 17

: India

I’ve never had any real friends. I currently, literally don’t have any friends. I don’t have any one to turn to, no one that i can share my feelings/thoughts with. And I’m going through a really bad time right now. I’m a very shy, reserved and introverted girl. Aside from being depressed most of the time, i can be really sarcastic. We’d probably never be friends if you met me irl and not through the internet. I hate talking because I’ve never found anyone who could talk to me about the things I like talking about. Woah, that was one confusing sentence. I don’t like small talk. I want someone who can talk to me about life goals, life problems, long paragraphs about what I am going through or what you’re going through, philosophical shit, things we’ve learned from extreme experiences, and stuff like that. 

  • My interests: photography, fashion, reading, TRAVELING, collecting pictures from the internet (weird), arranging and rearranging my wardrobe. Oh and I love watching YouTube!
  • I listen to various types of music (no artist/genre in particular). I like all kinds of books and movies (well, almost all kinds).
  • Some tv shows i like: game of thrones, the 100, stranger things, the originals, 13RW, Pretty little liars and some more.

If you’ve really read all of that and made it this far, thank you. Please message me on tumblr, ONLY if you think that you can put up with my dramatic, depressed and moody self. And don’t text me if you’re gonna stop talking to me after a while, because I’m looking for someone who will stick around. If you’re not up for a long term friendship, please don’t hmu. 

please don’t mind if I don’t text back immediately because we’ll probably face time zone problems, and I won’t mind if you don’t reply quickly either!


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