Hello, how great you come to read my little post, thanks a lot 🙂 

So where do I start?

My name is Martha, I’m 17 but age doesn’t mean a lot to me to be honest. In my opinion, age is mostly a mind thing, it depends on how you feel and especially what people you hang out with.

So yeah, I live in Austria which is really small and in the middle of Europe. I’m able to speak English and German fluently and am currently learning Japanese, I love languages.

I like to mention that I appreciate any kind of art a lot, art is basically not only my biggest hobby, but the biggest part of me. The art I myself regularly participate is writing, I’m really into poetry, especially spoken word. And I also love making short films, which is my major at art school. My goal is to become a director one day.

Besides the stuff I do by myself, I also really like to have good conversations. I like to talk to people, to watch them and to really get to know them. I’m a listener, so please just tell me about your day and i’ll be happy. Or we could go a little further, we could talk about people’s minds and the standards society wants us to believe in and what’s the best and the worst part about growing up and what we think about when we can’t sleep at night. 

So you see, i just want an honest and open minded friendship. There is nothing I could care less about than age, gender, sexuality and where you come from. I want something special and especially long lasting, I’m absolutely no good if you intend to only write one or two letters and that’s it. And yeah, snail mail is what I’m looking for! I love exchanging long letters and small gifts so much, so if you’re into that, you’ve come to the right person 🙂  

so yeah, just contact me if you are interested, it would make me very happy to get to know you! 

idecam @ gmx . at
or write me a tumblr message

Have a nice day, see you soon! 🙂

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