Heya ✨
I’m Hayley, I’m 18 and from Connecticut, USA. I am bisexual 🌚
Hm some of my interests? 😏
•Music: I listen to everything basically, but Indie & Alternative & Rock are my all time favorites & go-tos! Old music like from the 60s-90s are also my favorites! 🎶
•Movies: I love 80s movies also, theyre the best movies to be honest 😍 My all time favorite 80s movie is: “Some Kind of Wonderful” and all time favorite movie in general is “Saving Private Ryan” and “Pride & Prejudice” 🎞
•Fav Shows: Skam, Game of Thrones, That 70s Show, Big Bang Theory, Shameless..💻
•Hobbies: Well I like photography📸, listening to music [i legit would die without music/Spotify], going on adventures (hiking mostly or discovering unknown places), reading (i dont read so much anymore to be honest), and traveling but I’ve only been to a few states in the USA & France. Oh and I believe in aliens & love space 👽🌚🌌
•I know English fluently and some French from school; I’m currently learning Dutch & Norwegian but I also have interests in learning German, Spanish, and Turkish but I’m focusing on Dutch & Norwegian (okay well I kinda lied, I havent been studying it but I want to, I’m just lazy af) 🇳🇱🇳🇴

I dont care where you’re from or what gender you are, but I’d prefer talking to people around my age so 17-19 👌

So just dm me at my tumblr @hxartlessmachine 💗✨

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