Hi! I’m Silvia (online) or V. I’m 17, and I’m looking for some LGBTQ friends closer to me.
I travel quite frequently but I spend lots of time in Vermont and Arizona so friends there are a plus, or maybe we could meet up sometime when I’m going through parts of the US 🙂
I’m bisexual (or plysexual, I identify as both) biromantic, and I’m closeted as bigender in real life. My pronouns include he/him or she/her.

I love cats, and all animals really. I’m especially fond of dragons. I’m Pagan in many of my beliefs and I’m very into environmental activism and currently working on educating myself on human interests.
I love plants, drawing, writing, anime/manga, and my fandoms include Welcome to Night Vale, Warriors, and Doctor Who.

I generally try to be open and accepting so I won’t flame you, but I am very, very strong in some of my beliefs so depending on your political views we may not get along as well as with others. Please no trans exclusionists/aphobes. I believe it’s in the best interests of both of us to just find some other people on here.

I’m currently taken by my lovely girlfriend, but I look forward to meeting some friends!~

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