Snail mail buddie!


Hi everyone! My name’s Emma and I’m 16 and I’m from the east coast, specifacly Massachusetts, US.

I’m looking for someone who want to exchange letters about absolutely anything and everything!

Your age or location does not matter at all! But unfortunutlly I can only send letters in English and a small amount of French, I’m also trying for learn Armenian.

Some things about me!

  • i love to draw 
  • i love anime 
  • i have two pets both cats
  • I’m a lifeguard 
  • and I’m a USA swimmer (competitive swimming) I used to swim for gmsc (greenwood memorial swim club) but now I’m in between teams

If your interested contact me:

On Tumblr:

Or on instagram: @fly.stride
(my account will look inactive >_<

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