Looking for a penpal who is as bored as I am


Hello, I have never been good at introducing myself and I am still not but here it goes.

I am Onur, a 16 yo Turkish teen who lives in Turkey (it is UTC+2). I am an IB student, a keen MUNer, an astrophysics lover.

  • I am a Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings fan and would love to talk about these. I also love “The Walk (starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the Magician books, Friends, Seinfeld, CSIs and American Gods.
  • I listen almost anything that sounds nice to me but this “nice” is generally metal (Ghost B.C., Tyr, Black Sabbath, Rise Against) and rock. I also love video games especially RPG and simulation games.
  • I have been learning German for 5 years but I am not so good at it so I would love to practice it with someone. 
  • Also I don’t mind the age but it is better if you are between 15-18.
  • Oh I also love mythology, especially Scandinavian and Greek mythology.
  • I was almost dying just because I tried drinking water while I was coughing. 🙂

So that’s all I guess
Here my email that you can write me: hponurdemirel @ gmail.com
My Tumblr: yildizlardiyorumguzellermis.tumblr.com/

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