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My name is Kira! I was named after this really old character from this really old movie called the Dark Crystal, which is ironic cause I hate puppets! I’m from Idaho, USA ?? it’s dull here! Not much to do but we DO have a sweet potato museum *sarcasm* but we legit do.

I’m not the skinniest but I’m okay with that! I love my curves!❤️ on a more depressing note, I’ve had a hard life and wouldn’t ever change it! It made me who I am! But because of it, I have anxiety, PTSD, and I do sometimes struggle with depression.. BUT I PROMISE I’M STILL FUN AND COOL!

I’m 17 so anyone between 16-20 ish would be nice but honestly, I love friends so any age is fine as long as you not a creep and want to murder me ?

I got together with the love of my life Christmas Day 2015! And have been with him ever since and I love him so much!❤️

I’m oddly obsessed with all things medieval including letters so if you get something with a wax seal or its legit parchment, don’t be alarmed ? it’s just my thing.

I’m hardcore into videogames and cosplay! My favorite TV show is BBC Merlin and my favorite book is anything worn by Rick Riordan. There’s a story behind that! But, my cat is named after Nico Di Angelo!

I’d love to write letters to people but, it would be fantastic if you write first so that it’s easier for me to keep track of addresses! I know, I know, I’m a meanie! ❤️ I’m cool with just internet friends, but just know I SUCK at replying fast so, you’d probably get av letter faster than a text! Kidding. But still. I sleep so much!

Anyways! You can find me on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING (including on here) using the handle:


Can’t wait to get to know you!
Xoxo, Kira Wallace?

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