hey there :) looking for long term pen pals


Hi there! I’m Kera. I’m from the USA, and I’m in my twenties. 

I love writing long letters, and I’m always buying stationery, stickers, and washi tape because it’s “on sale.” I have several lovely pen pals at the moment, but I am always up to meet new pen friends! I have always loved writing fiction, and the written word has always been how I prefer to communicate. I have social anxiety so it’s hard for me to meet people in person, but writing letters gives me a chance to get to know someone without fear of being “awkward.” At the end of the summer, I am moving… I don’t know very many people there so I would love to have some pen pals to write to! (Plus I can send you random touristy stuff if you would like!)

I overthink things A LOT (I have rewritten this post several times already), and I’m very nerdy (ask me for Lord of the Rings movie trivia!). I often wonder things like, “What has the world done to deserve Dear Evan Hansen?” and “How long will it take me to learn all of Hamilton’s lines in ‘My Shot’?” I also love playing piano – writing may be the window to my soul, but music is the window to my emotions. My loves in life are my hubby, the Oxford comma, chocolate, and Starbucks. I currently work in food service and have very strong opinions about it! My goals for the future are majoring in psychology, learning hand lettering, finishing my novel(s), and having a family.

Favorite TV Shows: Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Endeavour

Music Love: Ed Sheeran, Vance Joy, Sleeping at Last, Kodaline

Anime: Sword Art Online, FairyTail

Preferences: Committed pen pals only please. Looking forward to forming real friendships! Snail mail preferred if you’re in the USA…I have to use up my stationery somehow! But if you are not in the US, e-mail would be fun!

Contact me via Tumblr: changedforgood24601

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