Hey! My name is Yaslene and I’m just a nerdy 18 year old girl in the US trying to make some new friends and chat with some awesome new people! I live in the ever fascinating state of New Mexico (it’s not the best but it’s not the worst either) but have visited a lot of other states.

I have a bunch of interests but I don’t want to bore you by listing them all so I’ll keep it short. I love collecting anime and manga and of course reading/watching it! I have a passion for reading in general and jamming out to music in my room. I’m not a super big gamer but I like to play video games and watch people on YouTube play video games. I also love to travel and had the opportunity to go to Europe last year which was beyond amazing!

I’m not really picky about your age, race, gender, etc so I don’t really have a “perfect” penpal. I just want to find someone that’s willing to chat long term and maybe even try snail mail. I’m new to the whole snail mail scene but I think it’s great and would love to give it a shot! I would like it if we were in the same age range though just because I don’t think I’d have much to talk about with someone a lot older. No offense of course to people that are older!

I speak English, Spanish, and I took a year of French in high school but I’m not the greatest at it. I understand it better than I can speak it lol.

I have Skype, Discord, Snapchat, email, and of course Tumblr!
If you’re interested in chatting on one of those then by all means send me a message and I’ll give you my details then! I also happen to be the pale one in my picture lmao.

My Tumblr:

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