Hey hey! I’m Aleen, I’m from México lindo y querido, and I’m 25 years old. 

That’s what I look like.

I’m looking for a penpal to exchange letters with, letters that contain all sorts of forms of expression ! Our letters can be about our hopes, fears, dreams, and heavy stuff like that, or just about how our day was, I don’t mind, I just want to get to know you !!

I really like cinema, except horror movies, I get way too scared. I love reading, I do most of my reading in the bus on my way to school, where I’m about to get a degree in engineering. I love being outdoors, especially if there are a lot of trees and rain and no sun. México is too sunny but I like it here, although I want to travel a lot. I have only visited places here in Mx so if you want a tip for a future trip, I can help! I can’t stay put and am constantly looking for new things to do. At nights I watch a lot of Netflix. A lot. I love Tolkien, Sense8, Wes Anderson, Downton Abbey, Supernatural, Stranger Things, Lost, Assassin’s Creed (games, the movie was ok I guess), Gears of War, and so many other things I can’t remember.

I really don’t like whinny people, I hate waiting in lines, the endings of Woody Allen’s films, homophobia, racism, people who won’t look carefully at the details in a painting, and people who think that because I’m an engineer I can’t like art and am not allowed to have feelings.

If you want to snail mail with me and stuff, contact me :3
aleetow @
Or just send me a message via tumblr.

Good vibes!!

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