hi. my name is olivia and i like to party.
i’m 17 (starting my senior year of high school in the fall) and i live in tennessee, USA (i’m not from here so you don’t have to worry about any “y’alls” or bible thumpin)
i speak english and spanish (i dropped out of honors spanish 4 if we’re being honest, but i still communicate fairly well) and a bit of norwegian (i’m still learning)
i like all kinds of music. i listen to everything from chopin to cobain, sex pistols to young the giant, nwa to blink-182, tyler, the creator to frank sinatra. i mean it when i say i listen to everything.
i watch all kinds of shows, too, but the x-files and it’s always sunny in philadelphia are my life and i will probably reference them way too much.
i’m not much of a movie person but i’ve seen every leonardo dicaprio film and the wolf of wall street was legendary
i read a lot of classics (primarily hemingway & bukowski) but i’m absolutely obsessed with the beat generation and my favorite book is naked lunch by william s burroughs. burroughs, kerouac, ginsberg, cassady, all the iconic beat writers. i would like to talk to someone who i could recommend books and poems to who would read them. i only really read realistic fiction, i have zero interest in fantasy like harry potter and whatnot.
my interests include reading, writing, drawing/painting (i’m no artist but i enjoy it), psychology, adventuring, and hiking. i also enjoy horrifically offensive humor and i have some rather controversial beliefs and would like a penpal who is similar in that aspect.
i enjoy doing stupid shit because i believe mistakes make the best stories (i have a lot of fun stories to tell)
i’ve been smoking weed since i was like 14 which i know some people would have a problem with, so i’m just throwing that out there and saying i don’t care if you do it so long as you don’t care that i do.
my dislikes are really just sensitive people who can’t take a joke and think feelings are more important than the truth, and people who try hard to be someone they’re not. i can’t stand shit like the “art hoe aesthetic” because i think embodying a stereotype like that is fake and pathetic. i just want to talk to real people who are just living freely and being themselves.
i’m looking for people ages 16-18 but if i like you then age doesn’t really matter. girls are preferable but same as the age thing, if i like you then it doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or girl. probably the most important thing is i want a penpal who is interesting and complex and has lead a big life, who has stories to tell and lessons they’ve learned and all that kind of stuff. i want to talk to people who have taken risks, who have really lived, who i can swap stories with.
i probably sound like a bitch at this point but really i like to think im pretty nice irl. if you wanna chat message me on my tumblr and if i enjoy talking to you we’ll see about trying snail mail 🙂

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