Hey all!

  • I’ve posted to this site two separate times a few years ago and I’ve talked to many interesting people since then. 
  • I’m posting again now because I want to try this out through email now. I’ve noticed that I don’t respond as quickly to snail mail as I used to and it becomes overwhelming when I have to work/go to school.

So here I am, my name is Andrea and I’m 23 years old! 

I enjoy reading YA, watching horror/Disney/suspense movies and I’m starting to watch a bit more anime lately as well. I live in Texas (US) and yearn to find a more rainy state to live in but for now, I’m stuck here.


  • must be over 18, I’d feel weird otherwise. 
  • must be willing to email, then eventually I’ll see about snail mail, because I love it!
  • must be patient, I work and go to school so I might not reply for a couple of days, but I’ll try my best!! (: 
  • must be comfortable sending me lyrics to songs, lines from a book or poems. I love things like this and I will do the same!

Contact Info: I would prefer a message on tumblr before I give out my email. 

My Tumblr name is
don’t forget that extra r in there. 

Hope to hear from someone soon!! ❤️❤️

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