This is my 3 month old puppy and me. His name is Odin.

My name is Katie and I live in Oregon, US.

I just started my Tumblr again for like the 5th time, and think it would be fun to message someone and make a friend that way.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I love YouTube and love talking about it. I would love to one day be brave enough to make my own content.
  • I’m 21.
  • I’ve been married for 5 months.
  • I love talking to people of all kinds of religions and backgrounds, and getting to know what they believe.
  • I love music and choirs and theater, and grew up doing them.
  • I had the most movie perfect summers back in high school, and really want new exciting adventures.
  • I want to be a wildlife veterinarian, mostly for lion rehabilitation, but have no idea how to do it.
  • I’m going to school right now.
  • I get nervous talking to people, so I generally just don’t.
  • I love The Office.

You can message me on my tumblr:

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