Name: Jareth Cohen

I work in government as a flex. I can work anywhere from 0-40 hours as a cook, cashier, waitress, whatever they want me to be. It’s…tiring. That being said, I either have tons of free time or no free time. I’m very short and very old fashioned with my romantic life. I cook and clean, my man pays the bills. It’s simple life at the moment. We camp, hike, and live in the gorgeous PNW.

Age: 20
Gender: I’m a girl but I don’t care if you call me dude or bro or whatever
Language(s): English, I dabbled in German and Japanese in highschool/college
: Washington USA. I don’t mind writing to anywhere

Interests & hobbies: Penpalling! I watch a lot of Netflix, frequent the gym. I love my video games and Twitch PC and Xbox. I study self-improvement books all the time. I have journals filled with notes. I think I didn’t used to be as nice/understanding of a person. DIY interests me but I rarely have the money to purchase it all!

  • Likes: I love movies and television. Video games are my thing. I read quite a lot. Old photos and history articles. Introvert lifestyle. Medieval Faires.
  • Dislikes: I don’t want a penpal that’s easily offended. Maybe I should throw out I’m NOT feminist, not for USA complaints anyhow. I hate peanuts/peanut butter and don’t like public pools or movie theaters (I go to a drive-in theater).

What I wish for in a pen pal: I’ll just see how direct message or otherwise goes on Tumblr and take it from there. 

How to contact me: 

  • Fun Fact: My cousin is a magician/illusionist; Joesph Reohm. He’s been on Wizard Wars, Penn and Teller:Fool Us, etc.

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