Hi everyone! My name is Veronica, I’m 17 and I’m from Italy

I’m an INTJ type, so I may seem a little introvert but trust me, I’m really a talkative person. I could talk with everyone about everything, but I’m mainly interested in intellectually stimulating conversations about culture, medicine but most of all politics. I love chatting about politics, I could do that all day and I really like to discuss about the problems that we have to face nowadays. I like music and TV shows as well, my favorite bands are Oasis and AC/DC and my favorite TV show is House MD, probably because I want to study medicine once I finish high school. 

I’d love to try snail mail,
so please message me if you’re into that! But anyways email buddies and instant messaging friends are totally okay! I don’t have an ideal pen pal, every nationality is fine but I’d probably prefer someone between the ages 16-20. I speak Italian, English, a bit of Spanish and I’m learning Portuguese. 

I’m quite an average person so I don’t think I have an interesting fact about me but I promise I’m super nice!

You can contact me on my email or message me on 🙂

My email is vdelmastro @ !

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