Name: Jeni or Jennifer
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Location: USA, Florida
Languages: English
Diagnosis: Depression & Anxiety

About me: I am a bit introverted at first, but do open up when I feel a connection. But I am also quite loud and opinionated at times. Kind of a contradiction. I had a lot of pen pals at one time, but most were just short and boring letter pen pals.

  • INTERESTS/HOBBIES:  Writing Letters, crocheting when the mood strikes, board games, reading, traveling when I can, spending time at the beach, junk journaling, exchanging fun little packages with people all over the world.
  • MUSIC: My taste ranges from heavy metal, to pop to classical. It all depends on my mood really and what it is I’m doing while I’m listening.
  • MOVIES: I love just about any movie. I love B movies, any movies basically from the 80’s to today. If it looks good I will take a chance. I never read movie reviews. I refuse to let someone else’s opinion keep me from enjoying what I’m watching. Heartbreak Ridge, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Repo: The Genetic Opera are my top 3 favorite movies of ALL time.
  • BOOKS: Anything really except for self-help. Katherine Marie Moning is one of my favorite writers. Fantasy seems to really grab me. I also love cheap taudry romance novels. Those are the best when lying on the beach getting some sun.
  • TELEVISION: This list could go on and on. I’m obsessed with Shameless (U.S.), Scandal, Penny Dreadful, Hawaii Five-O, Blacklist, Person of Interest, Blue Bloods, and the list goes on and on. Don’t think that all I do is watch TV. Most of the time these shows are caught on Netflix when I have time.

What are you requesting?:

  • Someone supportive that is good with just being a friend.
  • Pen pals that write more than a few paragraphs. You don’t even have to have an exciting life. I just like to hear about peoples lives.
  • Someone who maybe has some helpful tips on handling things that I may not think about.


  • Male or Female: Either is fine
  • Age: 30-55

My email: th.is_is_me @ yahoo. com
You can also contact me through the Tumblr Messenger.

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