Name: Rin

Age: 18

Country: Scotland

Hey, I’m Rin! I’m asexual and non-binary and use she/her pronouns! I’ve always wanted a penpal/internet friend who i could talk to over social media or send letters to. I love music, playing, writing and lisetning, I can play the drum kit, the xylophone and timpani. My music taste is very varied, from Muse to Tchaikovsky and almost everything in between!! I also love languages and am attempting to teach myself Russian and Romanian through Duolingo, so if you are from those countries or can speak the languages, or even want to try and teach me your own (I’m not very good but I’ll try!) that would be really amazing! I would really love to talk to someone who can keep a conversation going for ages, I tend to ramble on about everything and I love having conversations that develop from subject to subject 🙂 I love photography, space, ballet, books, classic BBC shows (such as Merlin and Primeval), supernatural things, dogs, tattoos and so many more things that refuse to come to mind as I’m writing this. It would be great if you were a part of the LGBT+ community, but it’s not a necessity 🙂

My tumblr is @imrozadoma if you wanna come say hi and we’ll see how it goes from there 😀

Preference: someone not homophobic/transphobic/acephobic etc. Age-wise I don’t really mind, but someone around the same age as me would be good. All genders and sexualities welcome :)) 

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