Hippie mom seeks supportive long letter pal


Hey I’m Courteney.

I’ve taken 24 Earth years on this planet so far. I’m still pretty outta this world.

I’m currently in California, moving to Texas in 3 weeks.

Tumblr: cocolapoet.tumblr.com 

Email me at courteneyhill20@gmail.com

A little, a lot about me.

I’m a single parent. I write poetry. I own 3 typewriters and only use one of them. I’m pro 420. I am a caring psychic as well as phone sex operator. I love being barefoot and naked. Love writing about shadows dancing on my clothes from the sunlight and the breeze through the trees.

I  am interested in learning about any and everything including how to hoop, crafting and more.

I would love to send long letters, pictures, decorated envelopes and more. I think it would be neat to recieve some crystals, books, jewelry, presents and even stuff for my kiddo if possible!

I would like to write anyone in the US and across seas.

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