Hi there! Im Marte from Norway, and this is my little poodle Teddy!
I would say im a pretty open minded 21 year old. and this year i am turning over a new leaf. I had to stop going to school some years ago because of sickness, but this fall i will go the last year of high school, and im very excited about it! My dream is to become an architect in the future!
In 2013 i went to Japan as an exchange student, so i know how to speak a little japanese. Its a long time ago though, so i dont remember much.. Now i am focusing on spanish, so if you are a spanish speaker or wanna learn spanish with me i would love to do that!! I would also love to teach you norwegian if thats what you want!
My interests include KNITTING, cross stitch, watching netflix, spending time with my boyfriend and my dog, shopping and learning languages! Knitting is my favorite thing to do, so if you wanna talk to me i will probably show you stuff i made and wanna make lol.
A thing you should know about me before you mail me is that i am mentally ill but recovering! I think some people could bond over stuff like that too!
I wanna talk to people preferrably over 18+, but if you think we would get along you should definetely mail me!!
Lets get started on Tumblr though, so my tumblr id is : @minikaroli
I cant wait to talk to you!!

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