name: jen/jenni

age: 18 

gender: f 

languages: english fluently & learning german and french!!!

location: british columbia, canada

interests & hobbies & likes: 

~ all kinds of music (from 2000s to metal to indie to rap for real) 

~ netflix (misfits, vamp diaries, skins, jane the virgin, sherlock, once upon a time, there’s too mANY stOP)

~ veganism (been vegan for just about 2 yrs!! c: ) 

~ coffee 

~ harry potter :))))))) (I’m a ravenclaw incase you’re wondering)

~ I like to draw/paint but I honestly wish I made more time for it :((

~ S N A I L   M A I L 

~ disney <3 

~ animals & the planet … all around nature enthusiast

~ being kind

~ learning languages

~ idk what else :’)

what I wish for in a pen pal: 

~ someone just genuinely nice/ kind (also patient????)

~ down to exchange small gifts/goodies

~ preferably 17-23 in age

~ someone who likes long letters ????????

~ international OR in canada would be great <3 

how to contact me: 

tumblr: unluckyjen

instagram: yatesjen

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