Looking for an English speaking Penpal <3


Name: Celine
Age: 20
Gender: female
Language(s): German, English, a little bit of French
Location: Berlin, Germany

Interests & hobbies: I’m into anything fitness related – I currently take dancing classes, do crossfit and probably take some boxing lessons. In my free time I enjoy reading and listening to music (rock, metal, classical) and I binged watched Law & Order SVU and Criminal Minds. At the moment I want to learn how to draw, so I practice that a lot 😀 Oh I’m also super obsessed with tattoos and piercings!

Likes: Coffee, vegan food, music, rain, sleeping, studying computer science

Dislikes: people who don’t rerack their weights, insects, judgmental people 

What I wish for in a pen pal: My ideal pen pal would live in Europe (because international letters are SO freaking expensive. Because I want to improve my English a native speaker would be best. He or She should be 20+ years old, have similar hobbies or interests and just be an open minded person. I really love writing actual letters (I’m not good with texting, I rarely text back haha), so I’d love to find someone to exchange letters with. Doesn’t have to be three times per week – maybe once per week.

How to contact me: Just message me through my tumblr: peachyceli

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