Hi there! :D


Hello my name is andrew, 26 years old, and also from the philippines. I would love to have a male penpal. Sorry if I don’t take females anymore due to how I mostly have female penpals.

My interest are mostly varied honestly so it’s hard for me to list it down. Mostly I like to watch horror, fantasy, action, anime, animation, musicals, thriller, and adventure. I’m fine with comedy but I generally don’t watch them. I like to listen to a lot of music but there are times when I really hate the latest music due to how some people would keep singing the song and butchering it. I also like to read and do arts and crafts.

I’m currently in the USA but will be leaving in a few more months. I was able to graduate 2 courses that is mostly related to food 😛  Which makes it kinda obvious that I really like food a lot lol.

So I’m looking for a male penpal who won’t mind snail mail internationally or email. Age isn’t important though and I’m fine if there would be relationships and such.

You can contact me at my tumblr account:


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