My name is Joselyn, I’m 18 and from Australia!! I’m currently attending university studying social science and environmental science!

I’m looking for a pen pal – no specific requirements, just someone who’s not a jerk 🙂 I’d love to snail mail and exchange art, pictures, stories, even videos!! 

I love to read all sorts of books from classic literature to fantasy and scifi. My interests get pretty nerdy; I love star wars and game of thrones, as well as freaks and geeks, the office, parks and rec, jane the virgin, the 100, rick and morty, and anything that’s cheesy horror. 

I also am very passionate about the environment and animals and hope to one day (very soon) travel all over the world and volunteer in various places. My idea of the perfect date is sitting watching documentaries on space and the ocean. 

I’m very excited to have a pen pal so if you’re interested my tumblr is
and my email is jossmorgan99 @ gmail .com

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