Name: Demetri Bastian Harlo, Female, straight, looking for a friend to talk to.

: United States, Tennessee

: 16

I love learning languages, netflix, horror stories writing, reading, and listening to all genres of music. I’m 16 and I go by Demetri Bastian Harlo, but it’s not my birth given name. I’m a girl who just wants to maybe send some of my poetry, letters, and horror stuff I find, or just stories I have from my life. But also just have random messages!

I would love to do snail mail and send random things and letters to eachother.

My preference is that you’re a girl or (trans I don’t judge) who’d like to be my friend and just chat and snail mail maybe!

I love supernatural, criminal minds, and just so many shows I couldn’t list them all off the top of my head.

If you’d like to be my penpal, please email me at: jellyball.bc @

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