Hi! I’m looking for a penpal (Snailmail) ! My name’s Marlee. I’m 16 and from southeast Kentucky, US. I love history and creative writing, and I also paint/draw (my main focus), play ukulele/piano.

I’m looking for a penpal who’s around 16-19. I prefer snailmail. 🙂 ♥︎

About me-

  • I’m a quirky person
  • I LOVE to read. I don’t have any specific taste in books, I’m always open to try something new. 
  • (i loooove disney 🙂 )
  • I love love love learning. If there’s something I know I can set my mind to, I will do it. There’s always more for me to do. 
    • ^ I’m currently trying to teach myself guitar and French (my favorite language)
  • I love nature. With that said, I have a bit of an adoration with animals. (I own a massive great pyrenees (Sully), who is spoiled to the core)

Please contact me on my email, marleek.miller @ , so we can talk and start mailing :))

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