Greetings ^_^


My name is Taylor or Tay if you prefer. Im a 19 year old female living in the US, more specifically North Carolina.

Looking for: email buddy, tumblr messaging buddy, and/or instant messaging buddy. I have kik and Snapchat if you would prefer either of those

Likes: Corny jokes, laughing, people that smile, anatomy, music, and sunshine. I like shows like How to Get Away With Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and American Dad.

Dislikes: Rude people, ignorant people, disrespect.

It doesn’t matter to me where you’re from, I welcome people from all over as long as you can speak English because that’s my only language?. I’d prefer people in the 17-23 year old age range but if you’re a little older that’s ok.

Some things about me umm… I’m bad at talking about myself. I’m about to start my second year of college studying psychology. I’m bisexual and single if that’s something you care about. I’m definitely an introvert but I can have a pretty zesty conversation if you give me the chance. I’m rather shy at first but I love meeting new people so please message me if you’d like to!

Fun fact: I got to fly a plane once and it was pretty neat.

Message me!
Tumblr: Convoluted–
Kik:T aybear3
Email: Taylorrae101 @ hotmail . Com

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