• Age: 28
  • I hail from the wee island of Guam, but I am currently attending college in Seattle, WA.
  • Interests: Adventuring around random places while hunting for graffiti art, video games, old school anime (Ranma ½, Project A-Ko, Battle Angel Alita, Magic Knights Rayearth) and some new animu’, snail mail art, street photography, board games (i.e. Labyrinth, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings), collecting stationary, ccccooooffeeee, building Nanoblock/LOZ models, music, indie/foreign films, frisbee, disc golf, and much, much more!
  • I’m a veteran (I swear I ain’t insane), extremely goofy, down to earth, and love to laugh at just about everything. I enjoy questioning the world, life, and the way things work. I’m minoring in Japanese for college and deciding whether or not I wanna take anthropology or linguistics in college, or… art. Lol.
  • Ideally, there is no perfect pen pal; however, I’d prefer someone who has a great sense of humour. They would love to share some art, genuine stories, random or quirky conversations, bad puns, as well as some dad jokes. I’d enjoy someone who writes as if they were kickin’ it with me while watching some old cartoons and sharing a cold beer. Bonus points for creativity!
  • I’ll take any gender, preferably ages between 21-35; take note that I’m in a relationship and am not looking for a hook-up. ^___^
  • I put a lot of work into the letters I create, so I’d definitely love to share that with someone who shares the same effort. “Jingle all the way; nobody wants a half-assed jingler” ~Unknown Author

Please contact me via email at and give me a bit of info about your self!

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