Snail Mail Pen-Pals


Snail Mail Pen-Pals?

Hi, I new to tubmlr so I don’t know what exactly I am doing. However, I’m on this journey to find pen-pals who want to keep snail-mail alive. I just don’t feel we are surrounded by genuine people. Yes e-mails can be, but nothing like a letter in your mailbox and building those relationships and hearing stories that you have been through. I have been going to a rough patch, but I feel this can be therapeutic and also help me reflect on what actually life is and what I can do for good and what purpose do I bring.

I can share more information if you’d like but I’d figure I’d just put this out there, and hopefully, I go back to writing, which I enjoy but abandoned. I love indies films, indie music (pretentious films) but I just feel lost, I think finding a pen-pal can keep my mind movin, and a feeling of hope and care Hope you are interested in keeping snail-mail alive and being pen-pals.

I guess I’ll share my e-mail also, hopefully to reach each other:


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