Hi my name is Haley, Iโ€™m 19 yrs. old and from the US!

Interests: Cats, nature, plants, cool weather & warm sweaters, coffee/tea, veggies, tattoos/piercings/mods, anime, pressing flowers, painting w/ watercolors, mom jeans, loose tees, orchestras, reading ๐Ÿ“š, anything flowers, vintage things, kawaii, and being outside!

Random Facts: I have a cactus, I press flowers, Iโ€™m super sensitive, I love to paint, Iโ€™m currently reading โ€˜Itโ€™s kind of a funny storyโ€™. I have a daughter. My fiancรฉ is a tattoo artist. Iโ€™m a flexitarian working towards vegetarian.

Looking for: Snail mail/messaging on here. FEMALE. 16-25 yrs old preferably. Anywhere!

Email: haleyahester1997@gmail
Tumblr: red-headed-witchh

You can follow me as well!

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