Name: Brianna (Bree)

Age: 17

Location: unknown, just now i speak English, and have Google translate hahah

Diagnosis: Severe anxiety. (only thing i ever got tested for, But Border-line bulimic, mild depression)

Interests/Hobbies: Soccer, Art, Reading/Writing, The beach, 

Music: Anything really (not too much country tho) Indi, Alternative, HALSEY! Pop, the whole she-bang

Tv shows/Movies: All marvel movies, cheesy chick flicks (the addictive), Faking, OITNB, Teenwolf, Bones, Suits, Supernatural, Shadowhunters.

What are you looking for in a pen pal?: Someone i can share things with that i wouldn’t usually. Someone i can talk to, and vies-versa, Just a groovy guy or gal, or non-gender specific. Email to start, snail mail later, something to look forward too.


– Tumblr: crude-maiden

– Email (P.s this is my twelvie phase email):

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