Snail mail/email friend


Name: Mary
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Diagnosis: Social Anxiety, Depression, Anxiety

Interests/hobbies: I really like to read, I like to be outdoors when it is warm, I like to write. I’m not overly artistic, I can’t draw very good. I love taking pictures. I can sing but I don’t like to do it in front of anyone unless the radio is on and loud.
Music: I love a large assortment of different artists. Among my favorites are Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Savage Garden and many many more.
TV Shows/movies: My favorite show is the Walking Dead, I can literally talk all day about it. But I also enjoy other shows like Friends, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, and tons of others that can all be found on Netflix. And as far as movies go I am not super picky. I love to laugh and occasionally I like to get scared.

What I am looking for in a pen pal: I would love to have someone that I could just talk to. I am a very good listener and I would like to help people like myself. I would prefer to do snail mail because I feel like I always have my phone in my hand and I would like to avoid that. I don’t care about gender, age, or location. I just want to make new friends.

Contact info:
Please feel free to email me, just make the subject Tumblr pen pal

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