Well here i am trying to sell myself to strangers
To think about it we have really come full circle (que Lion King) but really with all the technology today and load of people are preferring handwritten letters, i mean i can understand why, so much more effort is put into one than just computer generated text on a screen, i cant remember the last time i got excited about an email.
Right ok my name is Gemma but most people call me Jay i am 25 and live in little ol England
I am wiccan – no i don’t dance naked round a fire in the full moon
I hate clowns, stingrays, spiders and ants
I love cats (yes i have hopes of becoming the crazy cat lady off the Simpsons, well, either that or be murdered and come back as cat woman…minus the finger chewing)
I tend to hoard hobbies i suppose you can say my hobby is hobbies but my main ones are, photography, painting, writing, gardening, crochet and reading. 
Ok i am not sure what else to put so i will leave it there

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