Hey all, I’m Darian. I’m 20 & I’m from Australia.
I’ll start off by saying that no I do not have a kangaroo in my backyard, if I did it would probably beat me to death for attempting to pat it. It’s called prawns, not shrimp.

Anywho, I’m looking for a friend or friends! Not just a friend for the week but hopefully a long term friend. I don’t care about your sexuality, gender identity, culture, race, social status etc as long as you’re kind, I’ll be kind.

I love having a good laugh so I’ll probably send memes, gifs or links to funny shit & I hope that you’ll do the same.

I love movies, I’m a huge movie buff. I also enjoy photography, music, games, pop culture, nerdy things etc

I have a pretty neat collection of funko pop figures, not bragging. I’m a huge animal lover & yes I do have a dog if that influences your decision. I will send photos.

I’m interested in either internet friendship or snail mail, not fussed! Message for my details if you prefer snail mail, if you prefer the internet then here are my social accounts V

Snapchat ? – yorksox
Insta ? – darianj0nes

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