– My name is Claire
– I’m 17
– I live in the USA (east coast). 
– – Link yourself to me: http://sassafrezz.tumblr.com/ , but my email is clairethebear.steph @ gmail.com
– I like any kind of music basically, and the same goes for movies/films, I just can’t watch horror movies with the lights off or the sound on.  More specifically my fave genres of music include indie-(anything), folk, soul, bluegrass, classical, rock, and some others.  I’m kinda really don’t like grunge or screamo or anything like that.  Movie wise I dig rom-coms, indie productions, film noir, comedies, mysteries, crime, bad acting christian movies, and inspiring sports movies. My absolute fave movies are The Princess Diaries and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Blended.  My fave t.v. shows are  Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Fat Camp, Flea Market Flip, and Gossip Girl.  My fave bands and singers @tm are Al Bairre, The 1975, TOP, Allen Stone, Tom Rosenthal, The Front Bottoms, Zella Day, and Melanie Martinez.  My fave Youtubers include family vloggers, beauty gurus, diy-ers and ametuer comedians.  Books have never really been my thing, my faves used to be Geronimo stiltson and the secret garden and amelia’s journals.  I like writing at 2 a.m. when I’m groggy and surrounded inside my thoughts.  I love thrifting, talking about sports, plant shopping, organizing, soaking up the sun–but not sweating, lifting weights, seeing theatre productions, Youtube, and actually physically hanging out with friends.  Look through my blog/tumblr for more interests and what not.  You can personally message me to ask more questions and we can start writing and sending mail to each other!
– I speak English really really well, but I do understand basic French, which is like a huge achievement in my life at the moment,  Basically any English speaker from any country will do!
– You need to be perfectly a-ok with giving me an/your address and I’ll of course reciprocate. You need to participate in the messaging too!  I would love it if you wouldn’t make the conversation one-sided, aka please put effort into the situation, please! And I’d very much appreciate no one over 20 years old to contact me.  You need to be kind and it’d be super cool if we had some of the same interests and some different interests.  Other than that, I don’t really care probably.
– I’m looking for a human being (or more) to send letters and knick-knacks back and forth from mail carrier to mail carrier.  I’d really prefer to not do email or live chat or something.

I can’t wait to hear from you!!

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